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What is the ISRA?

The ISRA is a world wide club of riding enthusiasts! We're growing at a phenomenal rate, with over 32,500 members worldwide. Our story, is still being written, but you can read our history as of August 1999.

The ISRA is run by a council of dedicated individuals whose commonalities are a love of riding motorcycles, and a desire to make ISRA the number one family oriented club in the world.

We attempt (but being volunteer run, can't promise) to regularly release a e-Zine called the StarCruiser. Submissions can be sent to the Editor.

If you wish to advertise anywhere on this site, or in the StarCruiser, click on this link to see a rate card and instructions.

As of December of 1999, the Council voted into effect an official Constitution and a set of Bylaws.

On July 1st 2003, the ISRA was accepted into the AMA, charter #2285.

Disclaimer : No Claim is made to the exclusive right to use “INTERNATIONAL” and “RIDERS ASSOCIATION” apart from the mark as shown. The use of the word "Star" is meant only as a description of the brand of motorcycle we ride and should NOT be misinterpreted that we have any connection or are part of Yamaha Corporation and Star Motorcycles.