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Constellation Policy & Guidelines

Starting a Constellation, or local riding component, of the International Star Riders Association is fun and easy to do. It takes only two Star-owning riders and a genuine willingness to share the spirit of the ISRA.


Constellations are created for a wide variety of reasons. There are some where the main purpose is to plan and attend rides on a regular schedule, with or without a particular destination in mind. Others gather to exchange tips and information about everything from customizing through exotic paint and specialized accessories, to performance modifications, to general maintenance. While one Constellation may shun any form of structured meetings and business sessions, others will want to take the more formal route. Some will keep most events to themselves and others will always be looking to hook up with members of other organizations. Many will become involved in charity rides and community events; others may not. It is this great spectrum of interests, all coming together in a united association of fellow Star riders, that sets the ISRA apart from other motorcycle organizations.

The premise behind Constellations is simple. It is a vehicle for ISRA members to meet and socialize with each other in the, "real world," beyond the limitations of the ISRA's backbone, the Internet. It is a network of fellow ISRA members to share and exchange the wealth of information the ISRA is continually accumulating through the input and experiences of its members. It is a light and a wrench on a dark, unknown road fifty, or a thousand, miles from home when a member has that rare breakdown or other need for help. And it is a web of friendship like no other, with a brotherhood of support around the globe.

Each Constellation develops, administers, and promotes itself in the way that best suits its members while staying within the parameters of the ISRA philosophy. The underlying rules, incumbent upon all members of ISRA whether associated with a Constellation or not, are

That all fellow riders, regardless of their make and model, their race, nationality, or religion, must be treated with dignity and respect.
That the ISRA must never be defamed through illegal or immoral actions on the part of any member.
No Constellation or members of a Constellation can be affiliated with or known as an MC or member of an MC. (MC: Outlaw or 1% Motorcycle Club)

1) An ISRA Constellation is a chartered franchise of the International Star Riders Association (ISRA). As such it is subject to the corporate Constitution, Bylaws and Guidelines without exception as regulated by ISRA Council.

2) An ISRA Constellation Charter may be issued by ISRA Council ONLY on application by any ISRA Full Member in good standing and at no time is an ISRA Constellation authorized to create a subdivision of itself.

3) Minimal requirement for an application is 2 ISRA Full Members in good standing. One being the President, the second being the VP, with the President being the principal partner with the ISRA.

3a) All constellation executives and/or appointed staff must be a Yamaha Star owner. The President agrees to provide for ISRA members of his choosing in their assigned area the means to promote the ISRA, safe riding, and camaraderie in a law abiding family oriented manner.

3b) The Constellation President is free to create what ever rules and structure they feel are required to function as long they are not in conflict with or override the ISRA Constitution, Bylaws, and Guidelines.

3c) In the event the President steps down or is replaced by process of election within the constellation, ISRA Council is to be immediately notified of the change. The Constellations Charter and all that it entails, will pass to the successor. This subsection only applies to the office of President within the ISRA Constellation.

3d) ISRA Constellations are required to display the ISRA logo on the front page of their website and forum to show their affiliation with the ISRA as well as include a link to the ISRA website.

3e) Constellation Presidents or their Liaison (at councils approval) will be appointed a position on ISRA Council as Constellation Liaison. This is for the purpose of assisting ISRA Council in the running of the ISRA and to keep everyone up to date on what's happening within the organization.

4) ISRA Constellations are expected to consider and accept local ISRA members into their group however being a local ISRA member is no guaranty of membership in any ISRA Constellation. Likewise, local ISRA members are not obliged to be members of any ISRA Constellation, including that of their home area.Acceptance of membership in an ISRA Constellation is at the discretion of that ISRA Constellation President.

4a) Constellation may accept membership of ISRA members outside their assigned areas and these members will be considered members at large.

4b) If a person is not an ISRA member they can not be a member of any ISRA Constellation.

5) No ISRA Constellation may join or belong to another riding club, riding association. However, ISRA members as individuals can at the same time be members of other riding clubs or riding associations. There is no objection to socializing with other clubs, to go on their rides or attending their events or inviting others on your rides or to attend your events. All ISRA members are encouraged to socialize with other riding clubs.


An ISRA Galaxy is a regional (country) organization of ISRA constellations. The Galaxy must be bound by geographic region, such as national boundary. The purpose of the organization is to enhance the club experience by giving constellations an additional identity within a country, to help organize combined events, and use their combined numbers and the local culture to promote the ISRA. Galaxy formation cannot supersede constellation formation. The Galaxy can have one or more constellations but to form a Galaxy in any country there should be at least 3 sanctioned ISRA constellations.


1) Each Galaxy must be governed by a small representative group with an equal number of representatives from each constellation. One from each constellation is usually adequate, but can be two or more, as long as it is an equal number form each constellation. Where only one constellation exists within a country it is suggested that representatives be chosen from various regions.

2) Each Galaxy will nominate a director that is to report directly to the ISRA Council. The director may not be counted as one of the representatives of any constellation and may not be the president of any constellation. I.E. If there are five constellations in a galaxy, then the constellation representatives could number 5, 10 or 15, with an additional person being the director. This is to ensure there is no favouritism to any one constellation. The Galaxy director should want to benefit ALL the constellations equally, regardless of which constellation they are a member of.

3) Each Galaxy must have some form of message delivery system to the entire membership, either an email group, Delphi Board, or other type of message board

4) A Galaxy cannot share the name of any of its constellations, but can have a variation of the Galaxy name. (Example: Northern Stars Galaxy can have a constellation named Northern Stars Ontario of the ISRA) Galaxy names should be very easily identified by the region is covers.

5) The Constellation and Galaxy organization must maintain a web site. The ISRA will provide web space free of charge for Constellation and Galaxy web site.

6) While there may be more than one Constellation in a country there can only be one Galaxy within the borders of that country, represented by an equal number of members from each Constellation, and must be approved by the ISRA Council.


In starting a new Constellation, there are a few things that must be considered and agreed to for Council approval. These are explained here.

Home Areas - Constellations are given a home area for the purpose of providing the best possible organization to riders in a given geographic region. The home area is roughly the area of a circle, 100 miles across, with the center being a landmark such as a post office nearest the center of what is to be listed as the home area. The center should be a point that will not change when different members accept roles of officers within the Constellation.
Sometimes more than one Constellation in an area may be appropriate to serve the needs of riders with differing interests. In cases where there is a need for an additional Constellation, any part of which would overlap the protected area of an existing one, a special exception will be granted only when, after review of the request, and with the acceptance and cooperation of the first Constellation's membership, the Council is satisfied that the proximity of either Constellation will not be a detriment to the other, nor to ISRA. ISRA members have complete freedom to choose the Constellation to which they want to belong, and may participate in the activities of more than one.

Name - The name that the group decides to use for the new Constellation may be as unique as the members wish but it must contain a reference to the ISRA. We are, ultimately, members of the ISRA first. Each Constellation, by using the ISRA reference in its name, will thereby be easily identified as being a component of the larger organization. The Council will be happy to give examples of how this requirement can be met, yet keep the individuality of the Constellation.

Liaison - ISRA requires that one person be designated as the Constellation / ISRA Liaison. This is the person with whom the ISRA Council will communicate, primarily through the use of the ISRA Forum and by e-mail. A mailing address facilitates the occasion of sending items through the postal service, such as the Constellation's Certificate of Charter within the ISRA.

New Members - Constellations are encouraged to actively recruit members to join ISRA as those riders become associated with the Constellation. Those new members can be directed to enroll through the ISRA web site or they can do so by mailing a paper application that should be made available by the Constellation. It is very important for the Constellation Liaison to forward the names and addresses of new members to the ISRA office as they are received. In this way, we can cross check the member's information and be sure he or she has been assigned a membership number.

Waiting Period - The ISRA Council requests that, even if you begin to build a Constellation web site or forum, you do not promote your Constellation until you have received your Charter. We fully understand that you will pursue activities as a group while the process is underway. However, if there are details that need to be changed or clarified in the process of setting up your Constellation, embarrassments to either party will be avoided if they are completely finalized before making your Constellation public.


You've read these Guidelines, now download the application located on the ISRA web site.
Fill out the information requested on the application which is relevant to your Constellation.
Submit the application by email:

International Star Riders Association

That's it! If you need more information or have a question, contact any member of the ISRA Council or send an e-mail message directly to the ISRA American Constellation Coordinator, constellations@international-star-riders.com or the ISRA International Constellation Coordinator, europe@international-star-riders.com.

A note on using the ISRA logo:

The use of the ISRA name, the copyrighted ISRA logo, and implied association with the ISRA is allowed and encouraged, but any such use must never be in a manner deemed defamatory by the ISRA Council. Wherever the ISRA logo is made part of an Internet web page, there must be a hyperlink to the ISRA web page, and a notice indicating that the logo is owned by ISRA and may not be used without express written permission from ISRA. All other printed uses of the ISRA logo must be made known to the ISRA Council prior to use.