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What are I.S.R.A. Constellations

Our membership is made up of star enthusiasts around the world. Where there is a group of star riders in a local area who wish to form their own local group, the I.S.R.A. offers the structure of what we call a Constellation. It was the International Star Riders Association that conceptualized turning their local clubs and chapters into the Star Brand theme and call local groups Constellations. 

The constellation, unlike other clubs who use the main name and a number, create a unique name either from the list of celestial bodies (Great Bear, Orion etc) or to add a more local flavour use their city or region name. Whatever the name chosen, “of the I.S.R.A.” is added at the end to identify their affiliation as a Constellation of the I.S.R.A.

Can’t find an I.S.R.A. Constellation in your area? Not a problem. Start one of your own. All it takes is 2 I.S.R.A. FULL members to fill the position of President and V.P. Read and agree to abide by the Constitution, Bylaws and Guidelines then fill out a constellation application, send it in, and when it’s approved by I.S.R.A. Council, you build it from there.

Building your own family oriented constellation can be a rewarding experience.

First as President, you will become part of the I.S.R.A. Council as your Constellation Liaison, and be involved the running of this great international riding association. You will meet and form great relationships with other constellation presidents from around the world.
Second you will have a hand in creating your own constellation, with the help of others, and get to meet new friends in your area who have the same passion and love of the Star Brand motorcycle.
So what are you waiting for? Fill out a constellation application and send it in. We believe if you build it, they will come.